My name is Peter Zaitsev and I’m CEO of  Percona, though I’m also known as founder and one of lead writers of MySQL Performance Blog,  One of authors of High Performance MySQL Second Edition and active Open Source Community member.

You can read more of my professional profiles at MySQL Performance Blog and Percona team  pages.    You can also connect with me via LinkedIn if you know me.  Finally I have  LiveJournal account but I’ve stopped using it long ago when I moved technical blogging to MySQL PerformanceBlog.

On  the personal side –  I live in  Pleasanton,  San Francisco Bay Area  with my family – wife, son and daughter.  I  have lived in Seattle area and London and I’m originally from Russia.

This is my personal blog and opinions expressed here should be threated as such.

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  1. shima

    Dear Peter,

    I use mysql for my application and now i want to use clustering Xtradb. Would you mind telling me this style improve my performance. Actually, I need more write per second. Any help would be appropriated.



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