Donations instead of charges

The Parcell Tax initiative has failed  here in Pleasanton which means a lot of staff and program cuts from the Schools, which is something this area is proud of.

To partially offset the problem there is a fund drive.    For example you can donate to PSEE to save music classes.

Now I can understand why parcell tax measure failed – there are a lot of old people in Pleasanton having kids out of School.   I however do not understand why not to make these extra activities, which have no money for them in budget to come at added cost ?    There are some paid additional classes at the school already such as computer typing classes and I do not understand why this makes the difference.

I did donation more than to cover my fair share but I think this is a bad way to collect money for such an activities.  If you look at my  (or other individual) choices –  I can skip donating and potentially enjoy free ride because somebody else paid my share or well it may be it would not be enough to support the program.  If I do donate I have to donate more than my fair share to keep program in place because there will be people who will not donate.   This is screwed as it provides and extra excurses and motivation for people who can pay their share but choose not to do that.

Of course there are children which parents can’t afford to pay, though I think they are a small minority in this pretty expensive town.  I would much rather see they applying for scolarship or something like it to enroll into the classes and I even do not mind donating some money for it.  Such approach would ensure you’re not the most rewarded for the absolutely passive approach of sitting there and doing nothing as donation based funding rewards.

2 thoughts on “Donations instead of charges

  1. Mark Leith

    Yea I find this pretty annoying at my children’s school as well here in the UK. They ask for donations for things like school trips, classes (music etc.), to help fund a partner school in Malawi, and for any number of other things (fruit and milk for the younger child for example).

    We always make sure that we too donate more than our fair share, but we’re not in a particularly “well off town” over here in the UK, so there are some at the school not as fortunate as others.

    I do like to do my bit though, and I guess that’s because I’m prepared to pay my way to make sure my children have a good experience at school (even though, they would probably have the same one anyway if I didn’t donate!).

    Must be a psychological thing. 🙂

  2. admin Post author


    Here they at least do not ask for Donations for a School trips – these come as direct cost. But for some other things either they are shy or may be there is some silly law which prohibits collecting money.

    The other things I do not like about donation this does not really imply any commitment from the taker… If I’m paying for something (Like Russian lessons for my kid outside of school) I feel more in control keeping teacher accountable for what I’m getting.

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