Winter in Bay Area

There is no winter in Bay Area….  no Winter as in Russia with its snow or Winter with it rain and bare trees as in Seattle or London.    Autumn seems to change just to the spring here.     It is the middle of January but you can still see some trees which still have some last green leafs remaining, while at the same time there is variety of new growth.

I like it especially as the real “snow winter” is easily reachable within 3 hour drive in Tahoe or Yosimite area.

2 thoughts on “Winter in Bay Area

  1. erin oneill

    Peter, Peter, Peter!
    We do have winter in CA (although this is the most unusual winter I can remember and I was born & raised here). First off, the color of the light changes. It changes through the seasons rather dramatically if you shoot color (esp. color film). Then each area of CA has their own little weather things to tell us that the season has changed. In SF it’s the wind. The wind dies down in the fall and thru the winter unless we are having a storm (a sudden wind tells us a storm is coming, a lack of wind in late summer/early fall tells us an earthquake maybe coming). We have cold rain. Warm rain is a weird thing for us Californians. We also have a “false spring” that usually occurs around Valentines day. On my street the cherry blossoms arrive and then just as suddenly we have a rain storm to spread the blossoms all over the street!

    The change of seasons is subtle in CA. Perhaps a bit like a MySQL db that’s usage has increased, you may not notice that its slowing down if you’re not looking for it and suddenly it hits everyone that the db is slow. That’s kinda like CA seasons. 🙂

  2. admin Post author


    Right. The Winter is different from other seasons… though it is more like Summer in Russia. When I saw (long time ago) pictures with green grass on the hills I thought this is summer… no it is actually winter and during summer it is all going to be yellow/brown 🙂

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